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May 26, 2014

Playtime at the park. 

Autumn in Sydney this year is spoiling us with beautiful weather to enjoy many playdates at our local park.  Our little princess loves having a picnic lunch and going up and down the slide as many times as her two year old little legs will let her. 

Enjoy my latest instalment of my little princess. 

Sep 26, 2013

Heart Kid Emma and her Make-a-wish Package. 

Her family are going to Queensland!!!! 

Jun 19, 2013 / 2 notes

James and Skip.

Meet Skip a rescue dog graduating to an assistance dog. Thanks to Dogs for Diggers. A wonderful program incorporates, animal rescue, correctional facilities and Young Diggers.

You have met baby Nate in my previous blog. Nate is named after Private Nathan Bewes a fallen digger of the war in Afghanistan and good friend and comrade of James Irwin, Nate’s father.  

Last week James and his partner Rene’ made the emotional journey to Bathurst Correctional Center from Sydney to meet and take home the latest addition to their family, “Skip” a Cattle Dog cross Kelpie, who had been mistreated and rescued then adopted for the Dogs for Diggers program.  She had been living full time for seven months at these facilities, while being trained by one of the inmates. The day consisted of a graduation ceremony for the Skip and the other graduating dogs and the handing over of the dogs to their new families. This ceremony is difficult yet rewarding for all involved.

The program benefits many; Inmates who become qualified Dog trainers from the program and create amazing bonds with the dogs. There is always a benefit from having a loving animal around you no matter what the situation.

The Rescue Dogs who otherwise would have seen death row if not adopted.

The Returned Diggers, some who suffer from disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as combat stress, an often-overlooked problem of serving in the armed forces. Our diggers are thrown back into “normal’ society, after serving in the front line. Without a down time after serving or any psychological help on how to adapt to normal life. They suffer terrible nightmares that they live out and find it difficult to just be a part of day-to-day activities. Not only do they suffer but so their loved ones, who find it difficult to know what is the correct thing to do to help. Sadly the Australian Armed Forces don’t seem to do a lot to help our returned diggers. This is where a fantastic program like this steps in. Unfortunately James suffers this debilitating condition but is receiving treatment and found this fabulous program and Skip.

Skip is a beautiful dog, she wears a work vest when this is placed on her she knows its ‘game-on’. One of the difficulties for their transition together is that the public wants to say hello and pat her. Both James and Skip are finding it uncomfortable and difficult.  Although these people are thinking they are being friendly they are a hindrance to the training/bonding process.  Skip already can sense James’ anxiety and will circle him wrap him with her lead and heel.

Skip is intelligent and always learning new skills. She will eventually know when James will have nightmares and wake him so he wont have to re-live the atrocities he has had to endure. It was a pleasure to take some quick snaps of the two them together getting to know each other. They have many hurdles to get over yet but together I believe they will shine.

Jun 12, 2013

A beautiful wedding shot near Eden, South Coast. New South Wales.

The ceremony was at the brides parents beautiful property. I couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop.  Using her horses as props was lot of fun and they were excellent models. 

Please contact me if your interested in my work. 

May 24, 2013 / 13 notes

Baby Nate! Nate is the first son to a great friend of ours and an ex-servicemen who served at Afghanistan and Timor. We shot these photo’s on Australia Day. My initial intention was to place him in his dad’s slouch hat and take photo’s, but he was too big. Luckily his parents brought a whole uniform that his father had worn at Afghanistan,with Afghanistan dust and mud still on his boots.  They made excellent props. It was a privilege to use them and take these photos and slightly emotional.

Like most ex-servicemen Nate’s father suffers from PTSD. It is a difficult struggle for them to come back to the world we take for granted and adjust to “normal life’. They suffer night terrors, re-occuring nightmares, depression, anger,loss. Often, their loved ones are also feeling the brunt of this terribly condition. There are treatments for Post traumatic Stress but it has to be diagnosed first. Nate’s father is now getting treatment and is now happier and makes a wonderful father.

Lets not ever forget our lost  and returned servicemen. We have no idea what they have had to do to protect our country and what they have to deal with when they return. 

May 24, 2013 / 1 note

My Babies!!

This is my three beautiful inspirational children. Natalee 18, Harley 15 and Olivia 1.  These images were all taken at my home studio. They are constantly being used as test subject for me and I’m pretty certain my son is well over it.